Kepware DataLogger 백업

 Kepware DataLogger (Plug-in Option for KepSeverEX)

Kepware OPC Server의 Tag Item들을 ODBC를 지원하는 Database에 시간주기 또는 Event에 따라 Scripting 없이 쉽게 Logging하는 ("Insert") 제품으로 다음의 Database를 지원합니다.

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
     3rd Party OPC Server를 연결하기 위해서는 OPC DA Client driver를 추가로 필요로 합니다.
    ※ 64-bit 환경에서는 32-bit ODBC driver를 설치해야 합니다.
    ※ Kepware 설치시 Plug-in Option에서 DataLogger 옵션을 선택하여 설치해야 합니다.

Plug-In Features: 

  • Support for any ODBC-compliant database management system
  • User-friendly installation and configuration
  • Drag and drop support for adding OPC data items (tags)
  • Support for dynamically created tags
  • Flexible triggering
  • Deadband support for logged items
  • Support for an optional NumericID field for logged items
  • Ability to use Start/Stop Snapshots without requiring that the Log on Static Interval or Log on Data Change Trigger behaviors be enabled
  • Contains a "_LogDataBit" system tag that allows client applications to trigger DataLogger
  • Support for the CSV Import/Export for logged items
  • Support for store and forward, which prevents data loss when the SQL server is unavailable
  • Simulator Driver for simulating live data
  • Two-hour demo for evaluation

Runtime Performance Features:

  • Runs as a Windows Service and Interactive User
  • Scalability through support of multiple concurrent logging processes (threads)
  • Supports both automatic table creation and the ability to append data to an existing table
  • Data is logged directly from the local item list, no reliance on external OPC servers
  • Error recovery: Auto reconnect if a DSN connection is lost
  • Optional automatic configuration backup (most recent copy of configuration file is saved)

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