HighByte Intelligence Hub

 The DataOps Solution Built for Industrial Environments

HighByte Intelligence Hub is an  off-the-shelf software solution that  solves data integration and security problems for industrial businesses. It is the only solution on the market that combines edge operations, advanced data contextualization, and the ability to deliver secure, application-specific information. Other approaches are highly customized and require extensive scripting and manual manipulation, which cannot scale beyond initial requirements and are not viable solutions for long-term digital transformation.

HighByte Intelligence Hub is the DataOps solution built specifically for industrial environments. The software provides a highly scalable and rapidly deployable out-of-the-box solution to collect, condition, and prepare data—and deliver the resulting industrial information to all of your applications that require it.

 Big Benefits For Operations & IT

  • Model and deliver your data more efficiently.  
  • Organize, document, and standardize your industrial data in one solution.
  • Stop writing custom scripts and troubleshooting broken integrations.
  • Reduce time spent preparing data for analysis.
  • Reduce Cloud storage costs for unusable and unneeded data.
  • Improve system-wide security.
  • Accelerate and scale your IIoT and Analytics initiatives.
  • Improve communication between Operations and IT.

 The Features You Need for a Secure Data Infrastructure

Data Modeling

Represent machines, products, processes, and systems with key intelligence information suited to your needs. Contextualize process data by adding metadata, standardizing data attributes, and normalizing units of measure. Models are easily reused within a single hub and can be easily shared across hubs.

Data Transformations

The hub includes a transformation engine based on java script notation that allows data to be standardized and normalized for comparison and application mismatches. The transformation engine enables users to perform calculations at the edge to improve its usability and reduce the volume of data transmissions.

Connection Flows

Create data flows for raw data or modeled information between connections at any frequency. Manage data flows within the hub to identify, enable, or disable the flow of information to applications.


The hub supports collection of data over OPC UA and provides information over OPC UA and MQTT. The hub provides for the configuration and management of connections and their respective inputs and outputs.  

Edge Native

The HighByte Intelligence Hub can run on light-weight hardware platforms including Raspberry PI and other single board computers, industrial switches, and other Linux, Windows 10, and Windows Server platforms.


The hub exchanges data using the built-in security of OPC UA and MQTT. By identifying outputs by connection, administrators can implement higher-level management and security than typical pub/sub broker architectures and open, unmanaged API access.  

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