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Matrikon은 가장 다양한 종류의 OPC Server 프로그램을 보유한 업체이다.  그여기에서는 그중에서도 가장 널리 사용되는 OPC TunnellerOPC Redundancy Broker(ORB)를 중심으로 소개한다.

OPC Tunneller

다른 PC에 있는 OPC Server를 접속하기 위해서는 OPC Server와 Client 양쪽 모두에 DCOM 설정을 해 주어야 한다.  같은 Work Group이나 Domain 내에서 방화벽 없이 DCOM을 통하여 연결하는 것은 경험있는 엔지너이에게는 크게 어려운 일이 아닐 것이다.  그러나, 서로 다른 Domain에 존재하는 OPC Server와 Client를 연결하거나, 방화벽을 사용할 경우에는 DCOM 설정이 단순하지 않다.  또한, VPN (Vitrual Private Network)을 통할 경우 DCOM을 통한 통신이 불가능하다.  이러한 DCOM 설정에 따른 두통거리를 쉽게 해결해 주는 솔루션이 OPC Tunneller 이다.  OPC Server와 Client PC 모두에 Tunneller를 설치해야 하며, 2가지 옵션으로 제공된다.

  • OPC Tunnller for DA only (기본)
  • OPC Tunneller for DA, HDA & AE (옵션)

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy configuration.
  • Seamless OPC data transfer through multiple mediums across geographical locations.
  • Reliably transfer real-time, historical, and alarms field data to a centralized historian.
  • Data encryption for security.
  • High performance data compression to utilize less bandwidth.
  • Communication with multiple OPC servers and clients simultaneously.
  • Alarm and Events specific:
    • Simple, Tracking, and Conditional Events are supported.
    • Subscribe and Receive Conditional Alarms and Events.
    • Automatic refresh method to update the state of condition events.
  • Added 64 bit support for both Client Side and Server Side connections.
  • Status tags provided for OPC real-time data items monitoringConnection status
    • Licensing
    • Related diagnostic information

OPC Redundancy Broker (ORB)

동일한 OPC Server 2개를 Primary(Active) 와 Secondary(Standby)로 구성하고, OPC Client에서 Primary OPC Server와 통신중 문제가 생기면 자동으로 Secondary OPC Server에 연결하여 데이터 손실없이 통신하고자 할 때, OPC Client는 다음의 3가지를 이용하여 OPC Server에 연결한다. 

  • OPC Server's PC Name or IP Address
  • OPC Server Name (ProgID)
  • OPC Item(Tag) Name

OPC Server Name과 Item Name은 동일하지만, 2대의 PC는 각기 다른 이름을 사용해야 하므로 OPC Client Application에서 2대의 PC간을 자동으로 절체(Fail-over)하는 기능을 제공하면 되지만, 대개의 OPC Client는 이런 기능을 지원하지 않는다.  이때 OPC Client PC에 OPC Redundancy Broker (ORB)를 사용하면 된다. ORB는 OPC Server와 연결하고자 하는 모든 OPC Client PC에 설치되어야 하며 다음의 2가지 옵션으로 제공된다.

  • OPC Redundancy for DA only (기본)
  • OPC Redundancy for DA, HDA & AE (옵션)

Features include:

  • Support for multiple, same server, redundant pairs
  • Support redundancy for DA, A&E, and HDA OPC Servers
  • Full OPC HDA support for selected HDA interfaces.
  • Status tags enable you to track which OPC Servers are down
  • Multiple levels of redundancy ( Hot, Warm, and Cold)
  • Automatically switches between from primary to standby or vice versa when the criterion of failover is detected.
  • Allow “Force a Failover” to manually toggle between the primary to standby or vice versa
  • Powerful failover detection engine (trigger failover on item deviation, threshold, rate of change, and quality)
  • Full support for MatrikonOPC Tunneller
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit are natively supported.

ORB constantly monitors the Primary OPC server. When a failure is detected, it automatically redirects communication to the Standby OPC server. No data is lost and there is no system downtime.

Matrikon OPC Server Lists

PLC OPC Server Suite
Are you looking for easy-to-use industrial strength PLC OPC Servers? MatrikonOPC is proud to be able to offer a collection of robust OPC Servers that meet one of the highest levels of quality assurance and testing in the industry today. OPC Server list

DCS OPC Server Suite
Are you working with legacy systems? Then you are looking for the MatrikonOPC DCS OPC Server Collection which represents the widest selection of DCS connectivity on the planet. Strong relationships with industry giants like Honeywell, Yokogowa and Siemens have resulted in robust OPC Servers that provide reliable device communications and are easy to integrate. OPC Server list

Building Automation OPC Server Suite
As cities rapidly increase in size, the need for the quick and efficient collection of Building Automation Control data becomes critical for making effective business decisions that will lead your enterprise into the future. MatrikonOPC Building Automation OPC Servers allow users to easily consolidate and extract data from geographically disperse locations making your dreams of centralized control stations a reality.
OPC Server list

Telemetry SCADA OPC Server Suite
MatrikonOPC Telemetry SCADA technology is built to be industrial strength and easy to use. Our philosophy on Telemetry SCADA communications is that any product produced by MatrikonOPC must have the ability to deal with extreme communications environments.  OPC Server list

Turbine Controller OPC Server Suite
MatrikonOPC Turbine Controller OPC Servers are built to be industrial strength and easy to use. Our philosophy on Turbine Controller communications is that any product produced by MatrikonOPC must have the ability to provide measurement and diagnostics data for any wireless information system.
OPC Server list

Historical Data Access Suite
Now more than ever, companies need to depend on their historical data. Emissions control, trend analysis, corporate growth all depend on having the right knowledge at the right time. The MatrikonOPC Historical Data Connectivity Suite of products makes accessing your data a seamless process. Choose from the World’s largest collection of OPC HDA Servers to suite your Historical Data Access needs.
OPC Server list




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