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 Kepware LinkMaster an OPC Server-to-Server Bridging Software

Kepware LinkMaster는 OPC Server-to-Server Bridging Software로 다음과 같은 경우에 사용할 수 있다. Input Tag와 Output Tag를 "Drag & Drop" 방식으로 쉽게 연결할 수 있다.

  • Melsec PLC에서 값을 받아, 이 값을 AB 또는 Siemens PLC로 값을 내리고자 할 때
  • OPC DA 1.0의 Data를 받아 OPC 2.0 client에게 제공하고자 할 때
  • 너무 긴 OPC ServerA의 Item name을 OPC Client가 수용하지 못할 경우, 간략하게 Rename하여 OPC Client에게 제공하고자 할 때
  • OPC 통신을 원하는 PC의 일방 또는 쌍방이 OPC Client 기능이 없이 OPC Server 기능만 제공될 때
  • HMI (InTouch, iFIX, WinCC, FactoryTalk View등)를 Modbus Slave, IEC60870-5 Slave 등으로 변환하고자 할 때 (Slave function 별도 필요).

LinkMaster 이중화 구성

Primary PC에 이상이 생기면, Secondary PC의 LinkMaster가 자동으로 OPC Bridging 기능을 수행한다.

LinkMaster Features:

  • Built-in Redundancy
  • Fully featured data "bridging"
  • Supports both COM & DCOM
  • OPC1.0.a/2.0 compliant
  • Runs as Windows Service
  • "Drag & Drop" link creation.
  • Error Logging.
  • Supports direct scaling of link item data.
  • LinkMaster's link management system allows you to create a Link database structure that fits the nature of your application.
  • Includes a built in User Manager that allows complete control over what types of functionality each individual user can access.
  • Support for creating Custom Remote Machine references.
  • Includes a stand alone event monitoring application called the EventViewer.
  • OPC Data Access Version 1.0a
  • OPC Data Access Version 2.0
  • DDE Format CF_Text
  • DDE Format AdvancedDDE

Case 1. OPC Server to OPC Server Bridging

The most common scenario for LinkMaster is to link data between two (or more) OPC Servers. An example might be a customer using RSLinx for connectivity to Allen Bradley PLCs and Kepware's U-CON Protocol Server for connectivity to a checkweigher. In this example the customer wants to easily send scale data to the PLC.

Case 2. OPC Server Collector or Gateway

Another interesting application scenario for LinkMaster is to function as a single OPC server which serves data from multiple OPC servers. This approach demonstrates LinkMaster's capability of acting as both a client and server. An example might be when a customer has a single OPC connection available from an OPC client application but multiple OPC servers that they want to acquire data from.

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